TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018 (GAME TIME: 7:15 P.M.)

Join us for a night at the ball game! Kick back and enjoy watching the Cardinals beat the Padres! Wear red to the game!

To get to Busch Stadium from the apartments/Danforth Center via public transportation (50 minutes): Take Olive Bus 91 to the Delmar Loop Metrolink Station Take the Metrolink train (heading Eastbound toward Shiloh Scott) Get off the Metrolink at the Busch Stadium Stop.  On game nights, Metrolink is very busy! Allow yourself plenty of time to get downtown.

Driving: Take Olive East to I-170 South to I-64 East.  Get off at the 14th street exit and make a left onto 14th street.  Take a right on Spruce.  There are 2 parking lots immediately on your left and right (Cathy prefers the left one).  Cost varies but it is usually $10 on game night.  If you park here, continue walking down Spruce and you'll see the Stadium straight ahead.  It's about a 5 minute walk. 

The St. Louis Cardinals Website 
Information about Busch Stadium